Promotional Films

It's a proven fact that video can influence a customer to buy a product or use a service.  Various surveys have been conducted by independent sources around how videos influence a website visitors buying decision.  The results have shown that over 60% of customers are more likely to buy from you if they have watched a video about or related to the product/brand in question.  That's a potential 60% uplift in sales revenue for your business.


Many businesses disregard using videos due to the perceived thought that they are expensive and overpriced.  This can be correct in some instances but this is where we can make the difference.  We use the latest camera equipment combined with cutting edge apps and software to deliver high quality results, whilst keeping our costs low and allowing us to offer you our services at an attractive price point for your business.


Video is the most cost effective and valuable communication method available to you and combined with your social media and website, provides a slick and professional image to your potential customers.


BUT I can produce a video myself you may ask.  You can, but you do have to ask yourself whether you have the right equipment or even time to produce something that customer are going to notice.  A poor quality video can impact your reputation which is not what you want.  Remove the hassle out of doing this yourself by entrusting us so you can concentrate on the number one priority of running and growing your business.


Remember, a well planned out and professionally produced video has a very good chance of changing your business in a matter of days, if not sooner!!

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