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Music licensing on videos

You want Ed Sheeran music in your wedding film? Be prepared to pay big for the license. It could cost up to £2000 to use one track.

Many videographers use copyrighted music, but they are breaking the law if they don't have a license to use those tracks.

As wedding videos are commercial projects these aren’t covered by a personal use license like the one you get when you buy a track on iTunes.

When you try and upload the film to YouTube, they will almost certainly certainly flag your video and prevent you from uploading it. Facebook do similar but they mute the sound. Even worse is if the record company sees your video using their music, they could sue to videomaker.

We won't risk it. We use a subscription service called Soundstripe which has thousands of tracks that we can use without fear of the video being removed from social media or us being sued down the line.

Next time you see a wedding video with a 'popular' or 'well known' track, ask yourself, did the videographer pay for the license.


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