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Dance Show filming

siobhan + raymond highlights

Looking for a great dance show film at down to earth prices?  We can deliver an excellent filming experience with delivery on a multiple of formats.

Our FREE filming and editing service

We offer a FREE filming and editing service to you based on an agreed number of sales of your show.  We use multiple cameras, recording in 4K to ensure the highest quality footage is produced. There is NO fee payable by your school however you agree not to increase the price to make any profit.
We offer two delivery options, DVD and Online Streaming which are the same price.  We also offer a discount to customers that which is purchase both the DVD and the Online Streaming option.
If you order 75 or more units (DVD/Online Streaming), we can turn on the downloading option for those who have purchased the Online Streaming option.  This allows watching of the show offline and a backup copy.
Every show is different and therefore the costs vary, contact us to discuss further


How does it work?

This service allows you to watch the show in 1080P HD quality on various internet connected devices including mobile phones, tablets and Apple TV.  This is a great alternative to DVD's which are lower quality and can be damaged over time.

How do I get this option?

When you place your order, select the Streaming option, you'll need to provide an email address so the stream can be sent you you.  Once you receive the the email, you will be able to create your own account and watch the show with chapters ad menus just like the DVD but on multiple devices in Full HD.

Can I download the show?

If your school makes an order of 75 or more (a mixture of DVD's and Streaming, the download option will be enabled to allow you to download the show and keep a copy offline.

What about security?

For security and child protection, your Streaming link cannot be shared with other accounts, websites or on social media.  The show is protected under copyright laws.


about r7c media

Hi, my name is Austin Mitchell and I run r7c media. I am based in Stirling but can cover the whole of Scotland.

I try to capture the beauty and emotion of your day in an unobtrusive manner, creating beautiful films that will make you both laugh and cry. The perfect reminder of your big day.

I use the latest equipment, software and cutting-edge apps to create high quality films.

This allows me to offer you a top-notch filming service at attractive price-points for your special day.

If you have any questions, please contact me or call 07827 912557.



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